6 Actresses Who Proved That Acting Is Beyond Glamour!

Go women power!

Women in the media industry are always expected to be glamorous. When it is easy for us to accept rugged men as heroes, it becomes extremely difficult to see normality as part of actresses.

Despite these stereotypes, there were some movies in Kollywood that portrayed women in non-glamorous roles. Most of the movies ever released only concentrated on the heroine’s cuteness, her fashion sense, and her looks. Only a handful of movies ever had the courage to show women without the need of glamor. Here are 6 roles of actresses who did a great job without any glamor quotient:

36 Vayathinile (Jyothika)

jyo 36


36 Vayadhinile is a Tamil comedy-drama movie directed by Bobby Sanjay. The movie was Jyothika’s comeback after many years. The movie is about a 36-year-old woman who aspires for a change in her life. Jyothika was awarded Filmfare Critics Award for Best Actress for 36 Vaydhinile.

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