5 Years Of Premam: 5 Scenes That Will Be Etched In Our Heart Forever!

This love story was no different but it was so beautifully written that it

Albeit a coming of age story with a storyline we’ve seen before, Premam is one movie that cannot be brushed aside. Let it be, splitting George’s life into three episodes or showing women in a very realistic and beautiful way, this movie has our heart. And on the brink of this iconic film turning five, let’s look back at some of the moments that made us laugh, shed a tear or two and left us all in sheer awe.

1. Kalippu 



There is no doubt that with this scene Nivin Pauly quickly became an overnight sensation and a heartthrob. From the BGM to the veshtis, this scene had men and women all over, lauding. We’ve seen a number of fight scenes over the years but this is perhaps one that will always stand out. 

2) Malar busts out some moves 



Just like George, most of our jaws dropped when Malar busts out some crazy hip-pop moves that were ever so slyly tucked away. Throughout the movie Alphonse Puthren tries to break a lot of stereotypes and this was just one small example of that. Over the years we’ve seen actresses grace the screen with traditional dance forms such as Bharatanatyam and Kuchipudi but not a lot of times do we see them bust out moves like Malar did. 

3) Real beauty 



When most of George’s friends point out the imperfections in Malar’s skin, he stands up for her and says what matters is what’s on the inside and we cannot agree more. As media goes on to portray unreal beauty standards as the norm, it is characters like Malar’s that gives us a fair sense of reality and we applaud the team for that. 

4) Heartbreak 



Im sure most of us felt it when Malar says “I’m sorry, what did you say your name was?” This scene should be lauded for its sheer simplicity and impact. All we can say is that it didn’t take much to get us all to shed few tears. 

5) The rescue team 



The one thing constant throughout the movie is the importance of friendship. No matter what the situation was, the protagonist’s friend circle was always there for him, from first heartbreak to a happy ending. They stuck with him through thick and thin, if we might say so ourselves. 

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