5 Unseen Commercials of Kollywood Stars!

What a transformation!

Big celebrities don’t start out big. At least, not always. Though movies might be the first priority for any actor, ad films are a close second. Easy schedules, lighter work and the most attractive part made all the actors take up ads in a big way. Here are 10 Kollywood actors who appeared in commercials before stepping into movies.

 By Ancy Donal

  1. Ajith Kumar – Hawai Chappals

This huge star has worked with some of the biggest directors in Kollywood and has given blockbusters. But way back, in his early days, even before getting into movies, Ajith was seen in Hawai Chappal’s ad. Although he certainly grew into a handsome hunk, he looks so naive in his initial days!



  1. Samantha Akkineni – Asika Thangamaligai

Samantha, one of the top and finest actress in Kollywood, is known for her charming personality and fashion sense. She was first seen in a commercial for Asika Thangamaligai more than 10 years back.



  1. Trisha – Horlicks

Trisha made her first on-screen appearance in a Tamil film, back in 1999. Later she was seen in an ad commercial for Horlicks before she made full-time movies. She looks traditional and conservative as she was a typical mother running behind a child. Now she is a successful actress in Kollywood. 



4. Tamannaah – Fair and Lovely

Back then Tamannaah was seen in a commercial for Fair and Lovely and she made many ads then. She was bubbly and vivacious in the ad. Later she made an entry in Kollywood and gave complete entertainers. In the present times, not much has changed with her as she remains cute and bubbly.



5. Nayanthara – Manshire

Nayanthara in the ad for a men’s clothing brand is near unrecognizable. She looks amazed and spellbound by the male model and follows him around everywhere. She looks chubby and cute back then. Now she is ruling the industry with her superstar status.

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