5 Times Genelia Proved She Is A Cool Wife And Mom!

Isn’t she cool?

Genelia, her smile, her acting, her charm and of course her social presence have never failed to win our hearts. The talented and gorgeous is been super active on social media and is winning hearts with her pictures and videos. Genelia is married to Riteish Deshmukh and is blessed with two loving boys. Here are 5 times Genelia proved she’s a cool wife and mom:


  • When she hugged her son Riaan tight and showed the world that she is there for her first born. We went aww when she posted a heart-warming letter along with the pictures. One of the most cute and adorable wish and the kid would definitely be proud of his mom when he grows old.


  • When she posted an adorable video of herself and her kids vibing to ‘Main Tera Boyfriend’. She always adds an element to the picture/video by writing an emotional letter and here, she encouraged all the mothers with her kind words. She wrote “So to all Moms- You are the Best and don’t let anyone make you feel otherwise❤️❤️❤️”. The reel proves that she is a super cool mom right?


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  • When she had this cutest moment with her husband, even with her fractured hand the actress didn’t fail to entertain herself and also us. She was sick and cool too!


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  • When she caught the cute little expressions of her boys on camera and also treated us visually by posting it. Halloween was made happier for us and her kids, a picture to be cherished.


  • When she shared a video of her pet being possessive of her when her husband tried to kiss her. One of the most happening, liked and viral video across social media this was. We just can’t take our eyes away from this star family.


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Wishing the coolest mom and wife the best in life!

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