5 South-Indian Films Which Depicted Romance Through Rebirth!

So cool!

Reincarnation movies have become some of the most common storylines for every movie worldwide. Especially when it’s romance, reincarnation is one of the best. We have already seen a lot of movies in Bollywood that have taken reincarnation and romance quite seriously. Here are some movies which depicted romance through reincarnation:



1. Anegan: The love story between three different reincarnations directed by KV Anand is Anegan. Played by Dhanush and Amyra Dastur, the movie has three parts – the first is the 1960s in Burma where the lovers die, the second is the story of Kaali and Kalyani that occurred 25 years ago and the last as Madhu and Ashwin. The last life is where they join together.

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