5 ‘Compliments’ Women Do Not Need From Men!

Women are tired of hearing these!

Ever felt that urge to punch some sense into a man’s head because he thought he was “complimenting” you? We all have those moments where we internally kill someone brutally because doing so in reality would have major consequences. For women who are better off without judgments and remarks and for men who need to learn how to compliment a woman the right way, here are some examples. 


“You look Sexy”:

Really? Like that is the first thing you could tell me in the first five minutes of our conversation? Tell me I look beautiful. Tell me that I have a nice smile. Don’t take the creepy sex predator path to flatter me.


“You have a great job, lucky you”
Lucky me that I could get a great job being a girl? Lucky me because I have a great job being me? My career has nothing to do with luck. I didn’t get anywhere because I got lucky. My talent doesn’t walk hand in hand with luck.

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