5 Actresses On The Special Bond They Share With Their Mums. Priya Varrier, Rakul, Raashi Khanna and More!

Mommy, we love you!

With Mother’s Day falling in the month of May, be prepared for the barrage of love and declarations people make for their darling mother. In a quick chat with JFW, several celebrities reveal what it’s like being mommy’s little girl and sharing a bond like no other!

If there’s one thing we love about mom-daughter relationships, it’s definitely the friendship that they share. From inheriting each other’s quirks to making merry with twice the fun, these celebs share their sweet moments and messages to their mothers this year.

Priya Prakash Varrier

“Amma has been the one who supports me in whatever I’ve wanted to do in life. She was the one who believed that I could. Let’s take it from the top. She joined me for music classes when I was really young and also encouraged me to take up classical dance. Now she’s the one who accompanies me to the sets for shoots. She loves it when I sing and also emphasises that I don’t give up my studies. She’s an amazing cook as well!”


Priya Anand

“My mum was very young when she had me. She had an arranged marriage. Before I went off to college, she told me that she knew my dad just a year earlier than she knew me and that she would have to get to know him all over again because when the child is younger, your relationship centres around the child. I was a brat as a child. My mum is my best friend. I talk to her about everything. Your mother always has your best interests in mind. When she gives me advice, it comes from a place of truly knowing what I want and what I need. She truly is my best friend and one of the strongest people I’ve known. She’s very chilled out, sometimes my girlfriends would call just to speak to her. She’s super fun and often tells me to loosen up.”

Raashi Khanna

“My mom shaped my being. She took it as her responsibility to make sure that me and my brother were mentally strong in the face of any adversity. She has given us life lessons that make us both better human beings and for her, all that was ever important was for us to be kind. I have never known a purer soul. Her face is always shining and smiling and she’s always somehow at peace. She is fearless, she’s strong, she’s selfless and I look up to her for everything! She’s my strength, my pillar of support and she is also my best friend. She has also always supported me with my career, giving opinions but never forcing them on me. Freedom is precious and she gave us both kids the freedom of choice after imbibing us with certain values from childhood and she trusts us to make the right choices. I am forever grateful to her and my father both. I can’t express it enough what she means to me in words. She is everything I want to be.”

Rakul Preet Singh

” My mom and I are really close. My mom obviously means the world to me. She is the reason why I am doing what I am doing, for who I am as a person. I think what is really special in her is she is absolutely selfless, always has been. Throughout our childhood she gave up on her choices and her dreams and her profession because she wanted us to do well. She still has big dreams about me and my brother. From the time I used to golf, I remember the cutest thing my mom used to do. Given the services background, we cannot afford a caddie every day as we had to spend a grand every day. So she used to carry for me and my brother and stand in the driving range and see the hit balls, and see that I don’t run around too much. From doing that to leaving her job when it came to travelling with me when I started modelling to taking us to every classes whether it is all sorts of sports – lawn tennis, swimming, badminton, harmonium, singing, dancing – my mom always said that she wants me to be Jack of all and master of one! I think it is her drive that came into me and the dream she saw for me which brought the passion that I have and I think I owe it to her. For all her sacrifices I love her a lot. My mum still travels with me especially when I am shooting on longer schedules, specially abroad not in the main cities much but in the interiors of a state and that is the only time we get to spend with each other and I do miss her.”

Gouri Kishen

“Amma and I go on dahi puri dates whenever we can. Our common interests and love for kaaram food just brings us closer. We giggle like teenage girls and gossip like society aunties. Don’t think I need a Mother’s Day to say that I love you (mom), but maybe to tell you that I couldn’t have asked for a better mom ever!”


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