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4 Must-Knows to Overcome your Diet problems!

Know how to tackle diet here!


Work-Life Balance – If you are working away from home it is a huge challenge to whip up healthy meals when all you want to do is hit the sack. On top of that, if you are stuck with a roommate who lives on chips and burgers, it can easily tempt you every time you open the kitchen cupboard for a nosh. Start using separate cupboards pronto to store your healthy snacks. So the next time you are up all night watching Gossip Girl, get yourself fruits, nuts, low-cal snack packs and 100-calorie desserts. And try and pass on the healthy snacking practice to your roomie. You will be doing her a huge favour.


Marriage Matters – Studies reveal that an average Indian woman gains a considerable amount of weight in the first three months of marriage. Reason? She tries to keep up with her husband’s eating habits and his portion size. An easy solution would be to divide the dishes equally or to use smaller plates and small serving spoons.


Maternal Woes – Every spoon of the leftovers of your tiny tot’s Mac ‘n’ Cheese can add up to your calorie count. The motto is ‘Out of sight, out of mouth’. Change your family’s eating habits. Healthy substitutes are a great solution. Remember to replace processed food with healthy items; something as simple as using a whole wheat pasta. The fillings inside a grilled sandwich can be fresh vegetables instead of mayonnaise and cheese.


Self Help – The final problem and its solution lie within you! There are off days when you just do not wish to cook an elaborate meal. Always, stock up your fridge with cut vegetables, low cal dressings and fruits and nuts. Take a vow to have a veggie salad before you indulge in home-delivered food like pizzas and Thai curry. This way you will automatically eat less and slowly and surely adopt a healthy lifestyle.

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