4 Lessons Bommi from Soorarai Pottru taught us!

Arisen star!!

Bommi is a fictional character of Bhargavi Gopinath, a successful pastry chef, and businesswoman who is also the wife of Entrepreneur Gopinath on whom the pilot of the movie was based on. The role Bommi was played by Aparna Balamurali. The actor is known for her versatile roles and strong choice of films has time and again surprised us with her performances. This actor cum singer carefully chooses scripts that not just let her play with acting but also tries to inculcate certain subtle and indirect attempts to break stereotypes. Such roles instigate hope to expect more such promising films in the future.

This is hands down one of the best roles and performances of Aparna. The role demanded both down-to-earth humility and bold portrayal which was beautifully balanced by the actor. Although it was a fictional mere portrayal, the subtle references of feminism by the director Sudha Kongara and the actor have certainly placed Bommi as one of the promising roles of recent times.

Bommi by Aparna taught us lessons breaking many stereotypes throughout the movie.

Here are a few of such lessons:



Career for self – a must!

The movie revolves around the storyline of Gopinath and his dreams but didn’t forget to inculcate the true success of his wife who set up her own baking business with clear hard work and talent. Her stubbornness to set up her own business and make it big ad never giving up attitude was strongly shown. Her family pressure to get married and settled never stopped her from pursuing her dream to open her bakery outlet. It didn’t stop her even after her marriage that’s when she became more successful. She even set up a new branch of her business. This reference broke the stereotype of women having to let go of their dreams, careers for their man, her family. Instead, Bommi went on to show and prove the society that women need their career, career for self – a must.



Equality is the only way!

Bommi would be seen constantly stressing Equality throughout the movie with her husband and her parents. Dialogues like, “Dreams for both of us, we need to work hard and make it big in our careers”, “There isn’t your money, my money, it’s our money” – This dialogue speaks love and feminism at the same. She says this with utmost love but also inculcates confidence and suggests that at times of distress, we can use even my money.  There was also a scene in the movie where she would provide the down payment to set up his business. This instance broke the stereotype that only the male’s money is the go-to cash for every financial need/crisis. Feminism is all about equality and this sharing of resources makes us equals.



All is well with love, loads of love!

The romance between the couple was not like any other conventional love stories we spectate in movies, instead, it was filled with sacrifices and passion. The love was pure and giving that let the two achieve their dreams with the support of one another even at the most distressing times.  Bommi loved her husband with her full heart, that she never left his side, his dreams. But that never stopped her from closing a business deal with her husband with her business proposal. She was so perseverant, that she even would question him if he gave the job just because she was his wife. But, he would reply, never, it was because your business proposal was that good. This chemistry showed how mature their relationship is that they not just established successful business ventures separately but also together.



Perseverance is the path!

The constant pressure from her family, society to get married and let go of her dreams never stopped Bommi. She kept on moving forward in pursuing her bakery dream. She kept experimenting with different recipes, setting up small ventures, marketing for her business all by herself without anyone’s support. She didn’t stop when there was a hiccup of moving to a different city after her marriage, she let it play for her benefit. She opened a second store in the new city and attained contracts from many others. New to the city, new to the business forum yet she learned, learned to create new opportunities to explore and expand her business. These instances screamed her perseverance and desire to make it big and she did!!

Bommi proved anything is possible if our minds are put to it and success follows eventually! Kudos to her!


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