4 Iconic roles by Ramya Krishnan that wins Patriarchy

A subtle road to Feminism!

Ramya Krishnan is one of the pioneers of acting in the Film Industry who has acted in Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada, and Hindi cinemas. Known for her versatile roles and powerful performances, the actor has carefully chosen roles that also have hints of promoting Feminism. Here are a few of such remarkable roles.



Rajamaatha Sivagami from Baahubali

This character just like its name has got power in it. The role demanded such strong performance and adherence to Feminism which was poetically portrayed by Ramya Krishnan. The movie is set during the times when Kings ruled us. Back then women or even queens were never respected. But, this movie has many instances of Feminism in it and one such characterization is played by Ramya. Appreciation to the filmmakers for creating the storyline around Rajamatha. She single-handedly brought up her two sons, ruled a kingdom in a man’s world. She proved through this role that a woman can do anything and everything a man does!




Neelambari from Padayappa

Neeelambari is probably one of the best roles of Ramya in her career. This Antagonist not just gave a hard time for the lead and his family in the movie but also questioned, took a strong stand against Patriarchy. One of the famous societal myths broken by this character is that arrogance and self-sustaining are not associated with women. The fact that she could superiorly win against 100 men and stayed stubborn against the societal pressure of marriage, Neelambari won our hearts by breaking all the stereotypes set by society and patriarchy for women.




Leela from Super Deluxe

Leela is a loving mother of her son who has acted in certain adult movies during her young age. Years of patriarchial training to society, this characterization for a mother does seem to put us off. As per misogynistic terms, a mother has a pre-defined set of rules and duties she needs to abide but this role beautifully ripped such notions. The dialogue between Leela and her son about her acting in such movies gave us chills not just for dialogues but the spectacular performance by Ramya Krishnan.




Maggie from Panchatantiram

Maggie is a modern-smart thief who gets what she wants. The movie broke the stereotype of a woman needing to step back and sacrifice for the sake of her family. Even though the thief role demanded the character to be needy, the subtle references in dialogues and portrayal by Ramya make society take notes on how a woman can also be, and putting herself before others don’t make her any less of a woman.







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