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15 Tips For A Healthy Dine Out Experience!

Regular Eating Out Affecting Your Waistline?

We all know that eating out often is bad for our waistline, more so if you are trying to lose weight. However, for many of us, it’s something we can’t resist. For others, they eat out because they have no choice, especially singletons. But you know what, even if you are watching your waistline, if you are eating out once a week, it’s fine. Just go ahead and eat what you want. However, if you are regularly entertaining or being entertained at work or scarf down lunch or dinner at the food court in office, you may as well give up all hope of whittling down that waistline unless you take some care. So here are some tips to eat out wisely. 


Skip the alcohol: Drinking once a week is okay but not more than that. And if you like cocktails or even mocktails, remember many come loaded with sugar and sweet juices that just set back the weight loss process.

Say no to bread: All that white bread and soft, oven-fresh dinner rolls may look oh-so appetizing but they are NOT healthy or nutritious. If you must dip into the bread basket, go for the whole wheat offerings.

Select your soup carefully: We believe soup is healthy. Correction: not all soups are healthy. Go for clear soups not the ones with cream. In fact, if you are going for a clear soup loaded with veggies, that’s good. It will fill you up.

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