14 Kamal Haasan Movies We Will Never Grow Tired Of Watching!

Evergreen Kamal movies!

9. Guna


guna JFW Magazine


Only Kamal could pull off a role like Guna! With brilliant performances and a different storyline, this movie is evergreen just like the eternal love of the lead pair. With twists and turns at every step of the plot, this film serves as an absolute must watch!


10. Panchathanthiram


Panchathanthiram JFW Magazine



The third of the comedy trilogy (Thenali-Pamal K Sambandam- Panchathanthiram), this movie was the best among the three. With an ensemble cast of great actors and Kamal between them, this movie had the best dialogues and an amazing screenplay! A laugh-riot with its situation comedy scenes, this is a movie is gold for Kamal fans!


11. Indian


To play two poles apart is no problem for Ulaganayagan. On one hand, an old man, an ex-freedom fighter turns out to be a vigilante to root out corruption and on the other, a young Kamal follows several malpractices and is corrupt. The magnum opus was one of Kamal’s biggest commercial hits worldwide.

12. Vishwaroopam


One of the finest, this film has Kamal, Pooja Kumar and Andrea Jeremiah playing the lead roles. Written and directed by Kamal Haasan, the film was the second highest grossing Tamil film worldwide. Vishwaroopam’s storyline revolves around Viz or Vishwanath who is under surveilance by the New York Police because they doubt that this Kathak teacher is actually a terrorist under a different name. The film has a gripping narrative is easily one of Kamal’s best.




A doting father and a loving man loses his entire family after he goes to jail as a result of a misfortunate business. Krishna (Kamal) is betrayed by his friend Dhanush after he sells his daughter to a Minister. After returning from Jail, Krishna learns about all the tragedy that had occured in his family and goes around putting it all back together. The journey is so heartwrenching that only an actor like Kamal would nail a role as in-depth as this one.

14. Thevar Magan


The film Thevar Magan was inspired by the english film The Godfather and the Kannada film Kaadu. A reluctant son Sakthivel completes his education from London and returns to his village to his father. He comes back with his girlfriend and tells his father that he is planning to begin a chain of restaurants in Madras but the things that unfold in the village keeps him closer to Periya Thevar (Sivaji Ganeshan).

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