12 Best South Movies of 2022 Lead By Women!

Stories representing women, featuring women, for women!

Saani Kaayidham (Tamil):

Saani Kaayidham review: Keerthy Suresh excels in this predictable revenge  drama

Directed by Arun Matheswaran, Saani Kaayidham had Keerthy Suresh leading the show in a terrific character. The movie dealt with the concept of ‘An eye for an eye”. While the story wasn’t very novel or unseen, it is the rage of the woman that was noteworthy about the film. Wearing the sleeves of the character Ponni, Keerthy Suresh wanted to take revenge against all those who raped her and destroyed her family. Just as how a mother dog or cat would take revenge when we attack its little one, Ponni takes revenge, fiercely and with all gruesome, to avenge her daughter. Movies rarely portray women in blood, hungry for revenge. Saani Kaayidham stands out for that very portrayal of a bold and frightening woman.

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