12 Best South Movies of 2022 Lead By Women!

Stories representing women, featuring women, for women!

The discussion about the representation of women in Indian Cinema is an ongoing one. Looking at the way Indian cinema is still being made, this discussion will not be put to an end anytime soon. Amidst films that have women characters as sexy lamps and glamour quotients, there are still few films that are led entirely by women. Some others are completely women-centric, dealing with a range of feministic ideas. No doubt, these women-led and women-centric films need to be celebrated more. So, here are the top 12 such South films of the year 2022.


Gargi (Tamil):

Gargi movie review: Sai Pallavi shoulders an immersive drama |  Entertainment News,The Indian Express

Starring Sai Pallavi, Gargi revolved around her fight to save her father from a wrongful conviction in a POCSO case. The film itself dealt with a very sensitive topic- child sexual abuse, very beautifully. While the movie predominantly showed women characters, the topic itself was a woman-centric one, and the show was led by Sai Pallavi. As a daughter, she tries her best to save her father. But, what she does when she realizes her father is not falsely convicted, is what makes the film stand out, at the end of the day. The movie was one with a message, and no doubt Sai Pallavi rocked it center stage.

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