11 Filmy Friendships That Are Better Than A Love Story!


So much is been said and done about great romances, but it’s great friendships that always warm our hearts. Lovers may come and go but friends are forever right? Friends will be our go to home, comfort zone and more than that we can count on them like family. Here are eleven filmy friendships that are way better than a love story!

Thalapathi: (1991)


‘Natpuna enna theriyuma, nanban na enna theriyuma’ is an inevitable dialogue in every friendship gang. Thalapathi exhibited a modern day friendship of Karna and Duryodhana from the tale ‘Mahabharata’. This film is studded with big stars like Rajini, Mammooty, Arvind Swamy, Banupriya and so on. The friendship which Suriya and Deva shared remains in our heart forever.

Magalir Mattum: (1994)


The film revolves around three women deciding to gang up on their lecherous office boss who constantly harasses them. A girl gang is not quite popular, but the film portrayed female friendships in a very diligent manner. This film addressed workplace harassment, the friendship which bloomed between the three women gave them the courage and strength to react against the patriarchy in this film.

Friends: (2001)


Aravindan, Chandru and Krishnamoorthy are childhood buddies and have considered their friendship above everything ever since then. Due to some complications, Aravind falls off a cliff and goes to a vegetative state and wakes up after years when his beloved friend Chandru cries. We can never get past a friendship film list without ‘Friends’.

Panchathanthiram: (2002)


A star studded and energetic film. This film taught us how to handle situations in life lethargically. A group of friends is always fun to be with, but friends from different cultural backgrounds and languages is an added topping. Ram’s friends planned him a surprise and got him into a problem like friends usually do and they never left his side at any point and that’s what friends are for right?

Boys: (2003)


Five young boys while away their time in streets stalking girls, drinking and playing. As the story goes ahead, the boys are forced to earn a living for themselves as Munna, one of the five gets married against his parents’ wish. All five did their best to support each other financially, emotionally and physically. We grieved when they lost one of their friend, we shed happy tears when the gang rocked the stage with ‘Sa Re Gama’. This film will be our go to friend when we miss our college buddies!

Pithamagan: (2003)


Pithamagan is an emotionally draining film about two friends Chithan (Vikram), a socially outcast person and Sakthi (Suriya), a conman. Chithan’s affection and friendship towards Sakthi is shown through his loyalty. Sakthi protects Chithan in jail and tries to rescue him. Chithan, being an outcast understands emotions and takes avenge when he loses his dearest friend. This film though leave us teary eyed, projected friendship, love and loyalty in the way it is and showed that be it an outcast or conman friendship is inevitable not only in fiction but also in real life.

Priyamana Thozhi: (2003)


In the era where a boy and girl has to be in love if they are very close and affectionate together, this film broke the stereotype and led the audience in a thoughtful path. Ashok and Julie are childhood besties and they share a happy, loving bond and has been there for each other in hardships and happiness. A sweetheart like Nandini is always there, but very few lucky ones get Julie in life. If you have missed watching it, get ready for an emotional and friendly ride!

Autograph: (2004)


Senthil on his journey comes across his trusted friend Divya, who instills confidence and elucidates him to the life lesson that one has to move on in life and helps in improving his work profile. She persuades him to lead his life unapologetically. A trustworthy friend, brave, honest and matured Divya captured our hearts by being there for Senthil. The ups and downs of friends sharing their lives and problems were portrayed well in this film.

Chennai 600028: (2007)

A gala boy’s gang explore their friendships, romance and sport in this comedy drama. The rivalry between the Sharks and the other team, conflicts evoked between their friendships, humor elements just made us miss our street friends and local cricket matches. Directed by Venkat Prabhu, the film in an out and out entertainer. Though the director treated us with second innings, first innings will always be our favorite. ‘Arputhamaana nanbargal sernthal vetrigal kuviyumada’!

Nanban: (2012)


A millennial college story which revolves around three friends, Kosaksi Pasapugazh, Sevalkodi Senthil and Venkat Ramakrishnan. The actors display a terrific chemistry onscreen and the film did justice for a remake. Be it 3 idiots, but Nanban will be our favorite. The director after boys has given us an happening and youthful film. Nanban will be an enjoyable experience and it’s always a bliss to relive this magic.

Madras: (2014)


It is a political film and it spoke the difficulties and issues people face in slums. Areas of friendship and love is been explored by the director realistically. Kaali and Anbu, the duo is been loved and cherished by us. Though, the film follows the usual path of one friend taking revenge on the opponent as the other gets killed, we will never be tired of a plot which supports friendship right?

Megavarshini S G



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