10 Heroines who nailed Horror Movie Roles!

Ghosts with a bit of Glam!

Everybody loves a good horror film! When your favourite heroine is starring in them, it is all the more a reason to watch the film! These heroines have the nailed the horror genre perfectly whether they were being possessed or possessing someone else!

  1. Oviya in Yamirukke Bayamey

    Although she later earned fame through her Bigg Boss stint, Oviya was once a horror possessed seductress in this horror comedy film! Watch it next time it is on TV.

2. Nayanthara in Maya

Lady Superstar as she is rightly called, she made headlines for her stellar performance as a haunted mother in this horror flick which went on to become a massive hit!

3. Anushka Shetty in Arundhati

Before Bahubali success Anushka already donned the role of a grand goddess out to make a haunting with this film.

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