10 Classic Mani Ratnam Movies That We Will Cherish Forever!

The man is a legend!

To say that Mani Ratnam is a legend would be an understatement. During his nearly three decade long association with Indian cinema, the man has twisted and turned the doctrine of filmmaking to extract some unbelievable yet amazing gems. A man of few words, he says it all with his larger-than-life movies.

Coming after an era of movies that had over-the-top sets, dazzling colour contrasts and theatrical elements, his movies were a breath of fresh air. With day-to-day elements creating the base for his scenes, his frames were classy, believable and made the viewer yearn for more. His movies have always been a mix of commercial and artistic sensibilities. More than that, his movies give the audiences some food for thought while entertaining them. Not one to shy away from picturing the current situation in the society, his movies have made his point many times. Classic examples are the Kashmir war in Roja, the LTTE issue in Kannathil Mutthamittal and the Bombay riots in Bombay.

Women always find paramount importance in his script whether as a mother, a friend, a girlfriend or a wife. They are remarkably well-written female characters that weave in and out of the script effortlessly but at the end, leave a big impact on the minds of the viewers. Strong female characterization has always been his forte and he has proved this time and again. Whether it was Saranya Ponvannan as Kamal Hassan’s wife in Nayagan or more recently, Nithya Menen in OK Kanmani, these characters took the movie to a whole new level and are still remembered.

Mani Ratnam also has a unique way of making women fall head over heels in love with his male leads. Macho on the outside, but incredibly soft and sensitive on the inside, these men connected with the women outside the screen and had a fan following that spanned generations. Who can forget the chirpy character of Karthik in Mouna Ragam or the utterly lovable Arvind Swamy in Roja or the shy yet naughty Madhavan in Alaipayuthey?

We pick 10 classic hits of Mani Ratnam that the 90's generation will cherish forever in their hearts!

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