You Are Our Pride: Samantha Akkineni Has A Fan Girl Moment With Malayalam Actress Parvathy!

Parvathy is definitely our pride!

Samantha has been doing some great roles in the recent past. Be it Vaembu from Super Deluxe, Sravani from Majili or Rachana in U Turn, Sam has done some of the most remarkable characters that will always be a stepping stone in her career. But, there’s one who is the boss of choosing best roles EVER – Parvathy!

Each and every role that Parvathy has essayed so far are versatile, inimitable and most of all, they are worth telling a story. Parvathy’s characters are not always serious, some are bubbly, some are light-hearted and some are fun to watch onscreen yet they all hold one thing in common – strength and courage.

Actress Parvathy TK treated us with yet another unforgettable role of hers as Pallavi in Uyare that portrayed what it is like being in a toxic relationship and why it is not worth it to give in to such relationships. The film was a blockbuster success and Parvathy was lauded for her exceptional role and impeccable acting in the film. Her latest fan of the film was Samantha Akkineni and this is what she had to say, “#Uyare .. just watch it  .. It will make you angry , make you cry , make you think , make you love ,make you have hope and leave you inspired . Thankyou Parvathy …you are our pride  And the team director #Manu and writers #BobbySanjay . Absolutely brilliant.”


She further added the same on Instagram too.

An Excited Parvathy responded to Sam’s praise and said, “Thank you Samantha!”


We can only hope and wish that actresses choose roles that make utmost sense and also, one can take inspiration from actresses like these who believe that they could confidently carry an entire film on their shoulders and also as a result make it a blockbuster!

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