Yet another College Student Murdered in Broad Daylight!

Aswini had complained about the stalker but to no avail!

M Aswini, a BCom student at Meenakshi Academy of Higher Education and Research, was stabbed to death yesterday outside her college in KK Nagar on broad daylight as the public watched. Reminding everybody of the Techie Swathi’s murder in Nungambakkam station wherein a stalker hacked a girl to death, Aswini was yet again stalked and fell prey to murder.

Alagesan, and Aswini had known each other for some years. There were also allegedly in a relationship before she called it off citing he was not a good guy. He is presently employed as a part-time health and sanitation worker. He was immediately nabbed on the spot by onlookers before the proceeded to beat him and then hand over him to the police.

According to cops, their inaction was due to them being a couple in the past nevertheless the FIR registered by Aswini clearly states: He and I were in a relationship but after some time, I realised that he was not a good person. Therefore I decided to leave this relationship, but he continued to harass me.”


Alagesan was later let off with a warning by the cops. Yet he stalked Aswini relentlessly before driving a knife into her.

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