World Cup 2017: 15 Women In Blue Just Opened The Doors To A New Era!


The finals of ICC Women’s World Cup, 2017 just ended on a great note. These 15 powerful women proved through one journey that there is nothing and absolutely nothing women can’t achieve. They made an entire Nation that gives more important to men playing cricket watch them in awe as they entered the finals of the World Cup defeating Australia.

These women are powerful, play brilliantly and have actually managed to gain the attention of Indians. The crowd is eagerly watching every match and such recognition is what is required. It helps us as a Nation to take baby steps towards eradicating gender discrimination. While Smriti and Harmanpreet Kaur are taking the challenge to another level, Mithali Raj turns out to be the ultimate captain cool.

As the finals began the nail biting situation began and everyone was glued to their television screens. It was a match that saw some real fight, energy and a real ‘Chak De India’ moment. Yes, they lost to England and Yes, they just won the hearts of 1.2 Billion Indians. It is never easy to win those many through just one single match in a country that sees a lot of gender discrimination.

England had to bat first where they scored 228 runs losing 7 wickets to the much talented Indian bowlers. After which the Indian batswomen were truly astounding with their chase. Most expected players Harmanpreet Kaur and Poonam Raut scored 51 and 86 runs respectively. It was during the last 10 overs that the wickets started falling one after the other towards the last 28 runs.

However, their loss to England just gained the attention of every Tweet, post, and Instagram. Praises were showered and celebrities tweeted about their extra ordinary performance, a valiant fight and a tough competition they gave the England team.

What mattered the most was they got the attention they deserved, they proved their mettle, they fought for their country like true sportswomen and most of all their legacy has just begun. They now know that the country will watch them while they play, cheer them while they lose hope, support them during hardships and that the legacy of Mithali Raj’s captaincy and Jhulan Goswami’s brilliant bowling angles will continue.

There are many women out there who are talented and truly deserve our attention not just in sports but in various other fields. Let us, as a country, irrespective of gender support and not sabotage pure, raw talent ever!

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