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Woman Murders Husband Who Molested Their Own Daughter!

Father attacks daughter.

Manali becomes the land of the brave mothers after 40-year-old Manjula kills her husband who attacked and tried to molest their 21-year-old married daughter. The deceased, Durai Raj, has already been arrested for various petty thefts and burglary cases. Manjula, who is running a teashop near their house, tries hard to make ends meet while bailing her husband out of jail regularly for burglary and theft cases. Durai Raj who steals money from Manjula, attacked her back in 2015 when she arranged for their daughter’s marriage.

“Since his wife was saving up for their daughter’s wedding and did not give him money, he did not want his daughter to get married,” an investigating officer told The New Indian Express.

Manjula managed to get her daughter married to a mechanic when Durai Raj was in jail for a theft case. The three resided together. Unfortunately, things didn’t remain calm after Manjula decided to bail her husband out. Durai Raj, who recently got out on August 17th, attacked and tried to molest his daughter, while his wife was away. This led to a fight between the couple that ended with Manjula throwing a boulder over her husband’s head, which killed him.

Manjula who confessed to the crime has now been arrested by the Chennai police, reports The Times of India.




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