When 65-Year-Old Saroja Turned Into Kajal Aggarwal!

Thanks to TN Smart Card.

Never in the history of getting an identity card from the government have one got his/her face perfectly. It is always too dark or too changed or too grainy or too fair, it’s basically not you. Funny how everywhere we go in India we use these photos as our identity cards, do we even look the same?

Tamilnadu has always been a superior state when compared to other states in India, and yet again, TN proved it with its issue of Smart Cards. When we were worried our face is very different in Aadhar and License, Saroja, a 64-year-old from Kamalapuram in Salem recently received her smart card, and it was a whole new level of blunder with the photo by the government.

Apparently, Saroja turned into actress Kajal Aggarwal in TN government’s camera and systems.  Addressing the media, Saroja’s relative said, “The picture on the smart card is an actor, Kajal Aggarwal. The picture on the smart card and Saroja are not related in any way. Another woman from our neighbor also has a picture, which does not look like her. How are we supposed to use this to get ration? We again have to go and get this photo changed now. Why can’t the officials do their work properly?”

Many people from the same village claim that there are several mistakes on their smart cards. PMK leader Ramadoss criticised the government for these mistakes and said that smart cards are issued with photos of actors, trees etc. It is all due to the negligence of the government staff, he said.

The smart card with the picture of actor Kajal Aggarwal has gone viral on social media with people getting all creative with their captions and comments.



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