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We Love Watching Movies Together: Sneha!

Our Cover Couple Sneha & Prasanna get candid!

Love manifests itself in different ways. There’s the high school kind where everything is endearingly sweet and impulsive. Then there’s the popular one, love at first sight, though the big debate of whether it is even a possibility is still alive. The third kind is one that is characterized by sheer lust, sparks flying instantly, ephemeral but real nevertheless.

The final one, however, is our favorite kind – friends becoming life partners. It is everyone’s ideal romantic circumstance, one that is predictable yet straightforward. The personalities in focus here are two such people. 

The personalities in focus here are two such people. Their story is one that has a fairytale finale, of months of discovering, squabbles spurred and sorted, empathy and more, all cemented together with the love that is unconditional. It’s not like they had to carriage their affection in front of the camera, they were who they were – hopelessly in love with each other.

The Complete Friend Zone

Their idea of fun and pastime was to watch movies together. “Initially we used to be hesitant to go out and watch films. We didn’t know how the media would perceive it and we were really just friends. The only actor my mother trusted me with back then was Prasanna.” The rumour ordeal didn’t particularly go in their favour as expected. “But I really wanted to break the stereotype of how co stars being friends would only be romantic and nothing else.”

“Our families knew what we really were. Sneha’s mother used to treat me like her own son. So we really didn’t pay heed to what the media had to say beyond a point,” he adds. Sneha claims that she is a simple girl at heart. “I am still a normal girl who likes to shop in Pondy Bazaar. So I told Prasanna that we should be normal people and not stars.”  The couple reiterated that they loved each other’s company and were very much only friends. “We became friends in 2008 and continued to be so till 2010, which is when we actually realized, maybe we could be good as life partners too,” confides Sneha.

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Prasanna and Sneha were felicitated at the JFW Golden Divas Event, here’s the pics:


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