We Have Fixed The Date Of Our Baby’s Arrival: Samantha Akkineni!

They are sure to be great parents!

Majili has given a new perspective to the fans of Samantha and Naga Chaitanya. Their chemistry has always been appreciable on screen and fans love watching them together. Samantha also created an example for all married women down South who are career driven. She has been signing multiple films and is doing some wonderful work.

The couple has always been open about their love and life-stories; they never fail to share their experiences with their fans. However, a question that keeps arising is, ‘when will you have a baby?’ (like that’s anybody’s business at all). But, Sam already has an answer and in fact even a date for having a baby.

In an interview with a leading online portal, Samantha opened up about having a baby. Here’s what she had to say,”I have put a date as to when I want my baby. The date has been fixed! Like, as if that’s going to happen according to the date we have fixed! But Chay (Naga Chaitanya) seems to be certain that it will happen on the assigned date!”

She further added, “When I have a child, that child is going to be my universe. I had the greatest respect for working mothers. My childhood was not very rosy. For all adults, who haven’t had a very rosy childhood, the first thing they will tell you is that they want to give their child everything that they did not have. That’s something that has stuck with me. So I think the first few years after I have a child, I would not be anywhere. That child will be everything for me.”

Sam sure has her priorities sorted and we wish her all the good luck in the world. Surely enough, her child would be proud of her mama too for breaking many stereotypes in the film industry.


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