Watch This Hilarious Take On How A Woman’s Only Achievement Is Conceiving A Child!

‘Is There Any Good News?’

Sofia Ashraf, the girl behind the sensational video, Kodaikanal Won’t is back again and this time too she hits the message home. In collaboration with BLUSH, Sofia has come up with the ‘Good News Song.’

In the video we see two versions of Sofia, as a mother and as a daughter. The mother asks is there any 'good' news and Sofia tells her mom all that is going good in her life. But her mom does not mind any of her achievements and the only thing important to her is her daughter becoming a mother.

This video is totally relatable and challenges the pressure imposed on women to bear a child post marriage.

"Any Good News” feat. Sofia Ashraf is an Indian mom’s euphemism for “Are you pregnant?” No matter what you have achieved, to a mother - the only good news is a fertilized zygote. Watch this hilarious conversation between our Sista From The South and her Momma From The South.



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