WATCH: Dhanush’s Love For Wife Aishwarya Is Evident Through This Adorable Dance!

How about this! 😍

Recently a video of Dhanush rendering the song Illamai Thirmbuthae from his father-in-law’s Petta was shared on Social Media and became extremely viral. The video shows Dhanush singing the song and Aishwarya coyly hiding her face with her hands. It was found that Dhanush dedicated the song to his wife on her birthday. A lot of young social media users reshared the video and expressed their wish to find such a partner for themselves.

Aishwarya and Dhanush got married all the way back in 2004, which means 17 years of marriage. Their relationship has been a test of time because they continue to be together in spite of all the controversies that came against the actor. As an actor in the industry for 19 long years, Dhanush has not reached the position he is at without a fair share of rumours and allegations against him. Still, they have not only managed to make their marriage work, but also continue to show their love for each other.

Surprisingly, their marriage was an arranged one as Aishwarya was a friend of his sister Vimalageetha. They hardly had a time period of 6 months to understand each other before their marriage. They actually got to know each other only after their marriage took place. Now after 17 years and 2 sons, they still continue to love each other.

It is a well-known fact that Dhanush is a hardworking actor who has taken immense efforts to reach the position he currently is at. He is all set to act in his very first Hollywood movie, The Gray Man along with Star Hollywood celebrities as its cast. This means that these 19 years the actor must have taken up tight schedules of shooting to give solid performances to the Kollywood audience. This could have caused issues between the couple, but the story has turned out to be a little different. Even after 17 years, their relationship and family life continues to be strong. Dhanush is still taking efforts to please his wife and make her happy even after so many years, just to rekindle their love.
A lesson that can be learnt from this video is that there is no expiration date for a marriage and if you are determined, you can make it work even if the universe is against you.

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