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Vizag: A Woman Was Raped In Broad Daylight In Full Public View And No One Bothered To Help!

Where is humanity?

As the society gets worse, the public has decided to turn blind-eyed to any crime that happens in front of them. No matter what, if an individual is not involved, it’s not one’s problem at all. As disturbing as this sounds, it turns out to be a horrific truth. Beginning with the Swathi murder, to just a daily day stalking, there is just nothing you can expect from a mob anymore – it has started to feel unsafe even with a large crowd around.

In a shocking incident, a woman in Vizag was raped in full public view in Andhra’s Vishapattinam. Guess what? No passersby decided to help her. Ganja Siva, a 21-year-old rapist reasoned out the rape to be as a result of being drunk. An auto-driver recorded the crime, which took place on Sunday afternoon and called the police.

The woman was apparently sitting next to a tree on the footpath near the Railway colony — which is one of the busier areas of the city — when the man forced himself on her.

“The statements given by both were incoherent and inconsistent,” said police officer Madhusudanamurthy to NDTV. In the video, people are seen walking past while the woman is being assaulted. One man seems to abruptly change course.

Activists say the auto-rickshaw driver could have helped the woman instead of filming the assault, even though his video helped the police arrest the rapist.

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