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Vijay Sethupathi Is A Combination Of ‘Thara Local’ and ‘First Class’!

An actor who is a thara class apart!

Photo courtesy: Karthik Srinivasan

Kollywood gives us a lot of youngsters every year. While some make it to the big screen and earn fame, others do not. Sivakarthikeyan and Vijay Sethupathi started during a similar time eventually rising to fame. However, Sivakarthikeyan’s choice of films are cliche and do not have a valid story to tell. He has a good sense of humour but that alone does not settle down for a good actor. Siva part from that does some good work and so do actors like Kalaiarasan, Gautham Karthik and ‘Attakaththi’ Dinesh. Every actor is now excelling and Kollywood seems to have a bright future.

However, the one to top the list would easily be none other than Vijay Sethupathi. From his very first movie as a lead, Sethupathi decided to choose stories that are entertaining yet relevant. What tops the chart is his charm while he acts, his charisma in every role and most of all his love for his character. When an actor completely transforms into his character for the movie, we must feel the vibe of that particular character, we need to believe that the character actually exists and is somewhere nearby. That’s the quality Sethupathi possesses.


Have you noticed something about the stories the actor chooses? If you do then have you found an interesting pattern about it? The story’s background is something that happens in a surrounding and something we see and hear about almost every day. For example, the situation of a Sri Lankan refugee in ‘Aandavan Kattalai’ or the story of a gangster in ‘Vikram Vedha’. However, the pattern is that amidst every usual story, his character is a fantasy, that is, the storyline and the background are based on a real story but his character is created and crafted to make the story more intimidating.


He chooses a story that creates a balanced combination of reality and fiction. He brings together two concepts that are poles apart. He, for once, is one of those actors who does not concentrate on race, looks, colour, caste etc. Irrespective of all this, he has a humungous fan-following. Whether he is a Thala fan or a Thalapathy fan, there is hardly anyone who would hate Vijay Sethupathi or his acting. His movies cater to every audience.

The reason being his dialogues, his character and himself are relatable to an audience that come across these roles at some point in their lives or such stories that have earlier intimidated him.

Sethupathi is a blend of fiction and reality that makes him the reality’s fairytale and the fictitious realism. He is like Vedha, he has a story to tell but when he starts narrating it through the character we never see the Vijay Sethupathi the celebrity, he disappears.

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