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Tumhari Sulu Movie Review: Vidya Balan Stands Tall Throughout The Film!


When it comes story choices, there are very few actresses who look at roles offered to them. One such gem is Vidya Balan – she could do justice to any script, any role and in general, any movie. In conversation with a cab driver (Thrupti Khamkar), Sulochana fondly known as Sulu (Vidya Balan) talks about her love for becoming a Radio Jockey and that’s where the story begins. The story is not unique, but it will make you fall in love with not just Sulu but the way she creates magic onscreen with her simplicity.

Sulu’s husband (Manav Kaul) is not like others – well yes, he is much like any other normal, middle-class husband only more supportive of his wife and is extremely understanding. However, when his 12th fail, homemaker wife talks to him about her desire to be recognized, he hesitates but does not “restrict” her from doing what she loves. Initially, her late night jobs as a night RJ would make him miss her. However, he understands her love and leaves to only let her break free, which Sulu seems to very much enjoy – her new found freedom. Sulu, joins a radio station with lots of hopes and a dream which she is confident about smashing.

The character of Sulu is not sugarcoating and unlike how typical homemakers are shown, she is not super sweet and absolutely naive. In fact, she represents women who are allowed to swing to their own song. Vidya Balan once again successfully breaks the stereotype to prove that even the story of a woman with a simple life can achieve something, although the success is only known to a few and yet she derives happiness from her efforts.

The twin sisters of Sulu played by Sindhu Shekharan and Seema Taneja add a lot of substance to the film.

Finally, Tumhari Sulu, directed by Suresh Triveni, talks about the success story of a simple woman living with her everyday conflicts and low self-confidence, pushes her boundaries and do something that makes her feel good and of course, multitask like a queen!

Verdict – Definitely worth watching more than once.

Rating – 4/5

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