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Trending: The Wedding Invite And The Official Picture Of Soundarya Rajinikanth And Vishagan!

They make an adorable couple!

Filmmaker Soundarya Rajinikanth, who happens to be superstar Rajinikanth and educationalist Latha Rajinikanthโ€™s youngest daughter, is all set to marry again. She has been sharing adorable pictures of herself, having only confirmed the wedding a few days ago.

Now, the media and the fans are sharing Soundarya’s wedding invitation on social media and this holds all the details. Have a look:


It has also been confirmed that her father Superstar Rajinikanth has been out personally inviting every guest that would be attending the wedding. Rajinikanth has reportedly given away the first wedding invitation toย Tamil Nadu Congress Chief Thirunavukkarasar and adding to that the actor said, “Thirunavukarasar has been the main person behind arranging Soundarya’s marriage functions. So, I gave the first invitation to him. I will invite a few more people. The political people I am meeting now is only for my daughter’s marriage and not for any politically inclined reasons.”

As the preparations speed up, here are the official pre-wedding photographs of the lovely couple:




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