TRENDING: All You Need To Know About Bigg Boss Season 5!


It’s that time of the year again where everybody around you is most probably talking about Bigg Boss. They’re either gossipping about the contestants or may be asking you how good or bad the show is. Whichever way, it has become the talk of town yet again as Bigg Boss Season 5 was kickstarted yesterday with a grand launch. As always Kamal Haasan, the host of Bigg Boss since season 1 returned on-screen with his evergreen charisma.

There are a few changes in season 5 when compared to season 4. As season 4 happened during the first wave of the COVID-19 pandemic, there were no audience members for the show on the launch and when Kamal Haasan came on the weekends. Now that the pandemic situation is better, the show has a set of socially distanced audiences that have been seated at a good distance from one another. 

The set as usual is very colourful with a wide range of lighting given even to the audience. For a change, instead of 16 contestants, we have 18 contestants this season. There might also be some more additions into the house after a few weeks. So on the whole, for the first time, the Bigg Boss house might be seeing 20 or more contestants this season. 

In order to accommodate 18 people, the house looks like it has been made a little bigger. As we enter, we can see a giant 5 at the facade referring to Season 5. The 5 starts at the height of the first floor and ends on the ground. Similarly, there is a huge green tree-like structure near the gate. Glowing neon light-like set up is seen in different spots of the house. This indicates the Pancha Bhootas (five elements) of nature. This includes air, fire, nature, earth and space.

The sofa set in the living room and the one in the confession room seem like they’re made for comfort and to accommodate all the 18 people at once. Apart from this the jail has been relocated to the swimming area. This season too, contestants cannot use the swimming pool as it has been made into the jail that contestants visit once a week. 

The bedroom doesn’t have a partition between the male and the female sides. In addition, it also has glass ceilings that may bring in more natural light during the day. 

Kamal’s outfit for the launch was something unique as he nailed the all black look. The respective contestants’ looks were also a treat to the eyes as it covered a wide range of colours and style. The women contestants are more than the men contestants in the house this time. 

After everybodys’ entry into the house, the contestants celebrated the birthday of Abhishek Raaja, one of the contestants of this season. Then, they received a warm welcome from Bigg Boss himself. Fans are enthralled as they are in for good entertainment for the next 3 months!

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