TRENDING: Actress Saranya Ponvannan’s Daughter Engaged!

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The South Indian cinema industry, when in need of a loving, doting mother doesn’t look beyond Saranya Ponvannan. Although there are many movie mothers, she has been the first choice for directors when in need of an innocent and friendly on-screen mother. 

Saranya was one of those actresses who had an exclusive league of fan following for herself back in the day. In an era that was filled with retro glamour and cabaret sequences, she was like a breath of fresh air for the audiences. People loved her for the demure, modest heroine that she was.

And those qualities were not a testament to her acting skills. She set herself a class apart after her performances in Nayagan, Manasukkul Mathappu, Ulagam Pirandhadhu Enakkaga, Agni Paarvai, Karuthamma and Meendum Savithri.

Saranya then married her fellow costar Ponvannan and the couple has ever since lived happily. Passing on that happily ever after to her daughter, Saranya Ponvannan is now a soon-to-be-mother-in-law. The actress’ daughter is now happily engaged and the picture is simply beautiful! Check it out:




Priya Ponvannan is doing an MBBS and is engaged to Vignesh. The couple had an intimate ceremony at The Westin, Chennai.

After having numerous hits in the 80s, Saranya got married to a fellow actor from the industry. “Ponvannan and I were working on a film together but had never spoken to each other on the personal front. That was the time I was pursuing fashion designing and between shots, I used to sketch. He used to appreciate my drawings as he was an artist himself.

After we wrapped up the movie, we didn’t talk to each other.”  But as fate would have it, Saranya received a call from Ponvannan asking her to act in a movie with him for a lifetime. “It was a novel proposal. At first, I thought he was joking and asked him for the details of the film and the time duration; he said ’70 years’.

At first, I did not understand, and then he explained that he wanted to marry me. I told him that I needed ’10 days’ to think about it. He said ‘take as long as you like, I won’t run behind you like a lovesick person if you say no and neither will I stalk you and force you into saying yes’. Exactly after 10 days, I accepted his proposal!”

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