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Trapped For 30 Hours: A Miraculous Story Of A 3-Year-Old Girl’s Rescue!

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For any average India, open manholes and borewells are aplenty. While some authorities do the needful and cover it lest there be any mishaps, some simply ignore it with its citizens getting used to it and taking precautions instead.

However, this wasn’t the case for a 3-year-old girl in Munger District, Bihar. Sanno, on Tuesday evening at 4 PM, fell into a 110 ft-deep borewell. The anguish cries of her parents painted a troubling picture of the rising cases of little children falling into borewells in India. The rescue operation took 30 hours and considering she’s just a 3-year-old, it wasn’t simple for the rescuers.

On Wednesday night at 9.45 PM, Sanno was finally rescued and immediately taken to the Sadar hospital.

While little Sanno miraculously survived the fatal fall, in the past, many children weren’t that lucky. Either owing to illegal drilling or failing to seal the manholes and borewells, especially in rural parts of India, many children have died falling into over 100 feet wells. Last year, 6-year-old Kaveri who fell into a borewell in north Karnataka was trapped 54 hours with the rescue operations finally retrieving her but it was too late by then.

Children falling into borewells gained attention when in 2006, 5-year-old Prince fell into a 60-feet shaft in Haryana and was rescued 30 hours later. While many felt he wouldn’t have survived, the child miraculously pulled on. Cut to many such incidents and rescues later, in 2012, another child who fell into a borewell made headlines. However, unlike Prince, she couldn’t survive, with reports suggesting that help arrive 90 minutes later.

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