TN: 7-Year-Old Girl Falls Off An Auto Of 15 Kids And Tragically Dies!

What a tragic loss of life!

In a tragic incident, a seven-year-old girl died in an accident which could have easily been avoided. An auto consisting of 15 school kids was dropping kids off at their respective homes. Now, all the 15 kids have to somehow find a way to atleast place 10% of themselves in some part of the auto. As the auto went through a bumpy road at a great speed, the girl named M.Dhivya Karasi sitting next to the driver Karthick, lost her balance, fell on the road and was run over by the back wheels of the auto.

Her parents Muthuswamy and Padhmavathy who are residents of Malligaithoppu area in Ambur also have a 10-year-old son. The brother-sister duo studied at the same Hindu Primary School and went home in the same auto everyday.

Dhivya sustained the horrendous head and chest injury and was rushed to the Ambur government hospital. However, the little girl did not respond to the treatment and died. On being informed Ambur police visited the hospital and registered a case against the driver. The police arrested the auto driver and began investigations.

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