Tips to Travel, Allergy-Free!

Tripping the right way!!!

So you are in Swiss when what started as an out-of-the-blue sneeze becomes a full-on bed-ridden case of the flu. Getting sick during vacation is the worst thing that can happen next only to losing your passport abroad. Here are some tips to make the best of your trip allergy free! By, Chandini K.

  • Read Composition

It goes without saying that if you are a frequent traveler or not by now you should have a first-aid kit in your bag for any hands-on situation. The problem arises when some medicines are not allowed in the country you are visiting. In that case, thoroughly read up on compositions. If you are thorough with which compositions you need for fever, motion-sickness and more you can always head down to the drug store there and find the same under a different brand name.

  • Observe the location

When planning a Bangkok trip, take motion-sickness tablets with you as there are plenty of boats rides you will end up going on. In desert places such as Dubai take plenty of water and keep hydrated. Study the geography of the place you are visiting and prepare accordingly.

  • Hipster’s cleaning kit

If you are a couch surfer and frequently use AirBnB and public transport, food court etc, keep a cleaning kit with you. Fluff your pillows and wash the sheets before you go to bed. Use disinfectants during transport and your own set of cutlery if possible at food courts.

  • Learn the allergens’ names

If you are allergic to nuts or are lactose intolerant, USA is easy to navigate as there are instructions on the packaging. If English is not the native language in the country you are visiting, know that you should carry an anti-allergy tablet as well read up on what they are called in so you can be careful when you order food.

Stay safe and happy traveling to you!


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