This Is How Demonetization Hit Women The Most!

And we are already hoping the misery ends!


  • The Small Savings Of Housewives: No more hiding money behind pickle jars in the kitchen. A lot of women in the country keep some cash, small or huge, as savings that their husbands don’t know of. Now they will have to bring those bucks to light because chances are, they are 500s and 1000s. Either their money goes to waste silently, or they have to hand it over to the earning member of the family to save it. So either the secret is destroyed, or it’s out.
  • Catching up in the college canteen? We might have to forget about it for the next few days. When the famous pani puri waala does not have change for your cash, you ultimately have to give up on food. Isn’t it hard to have money and not be able to spend it, though you desperately want to?The demonetization is for the country’s best and sacrifices have to be made. We just hope that the hard part ends soon.

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