Things Will Be All Fine: Dhanush’s Advice To Soundarya’s Husband Vishagan!

Dhanush talks about he calmed down Vishagan before he was going to meet the Superstar of cinema!

Soundarya and Vishagan’s marriage was the most discussed. They spread across a lot of positive vibes with their beautiful pictures and also, made people believe that life always moves on and good is bound to happen.

Soundarya had initially mentioned about how she found it important for her to introduce Vishagan to Aishwarya and Dhanush first. She said, “I wanted Dhanush and my sister to interview Vishagan before he met my parents. And for me it was like a reassurance. However, they got along with each other better than me. I am blessed beyond words to have three beautiful men in my life. We both have been through a lot and life has not been easy, but we had the ability to move on.”

Vishagan added to this: “Dhanush prepared me before I visited my father-in-law. He said that everything would be overwhelming. He asked me to be cool and composed while asking for his daughter’s hand.”

Agreeing to it, Dhanush in an interview with Pinkvilla talked about how he calmed Vishagan before making him meet superstar Rajinikanth.



The ‘Maari’ actor said, “Yes, I said everything is going to be fine and that’s what anybody would say. Meeting a big man can be a little intimidating, so I told him, he is really a very cool person so just be calm. Things will be all fine.”

In a recent interview with an online entertainment portal Cinema Vikatan, Soundarya and Vishagan gave an interview together as husband and wife for the first time and honestly, it was very beautiful.

On Soundarya’s parents and Ved:

Soundarya: “Ved took a liking the first time he met Vishagan. I showed him Vishagan’s picture and said “see daddy”. Vishagan is very patient with Ved. It was the Muhurtham time and Ved wasn’t at the Mandapam yet. I was really tensed but Vishagan turned towards me and said, “I will not marry you until Ved arrives.” Ved feels a sense of protection with Vishagan and that’s what I needed. We wanted our kid to see and know everything. Vishagan actually asked permission from Ved if he could marry me and we have taken a video of that. We will show Ved the video once he turns 18.”

Vishagan: “I call Soundarya’s father Appa. The first time I met him, he was super calm so it was easy for me to converse with him. He is so affectionate towards me. She is out and out the most loving person in this world. She is so affectionate that its unexplained. She is also the most romantic. When calls me daddy, it gives me a lot of happiness and a sense of responsibility.”


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