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There Have Been People Who Have Asked Me To Sleep With Them: Parvathy Menon!

Parvathy spoke candidly about casting couch situations!

Malayalam movie ‘Charlie’ fame Actress Parvathy Menon opens up about the casting couch situation in the Malayalam film industry. The actress who is known for her brilliant acting skills and versatility in Tamil and Malayalam movies said, “Casting couch is a reality and everyone knows about it but personally, I’ve been asked to do such favors only in Malayalam and not in Tamil, Hindi or Kannada. It was sort of an obligation. See we gave you the break and I was like what break dude? I already did my job and I don’t think I have to do anything more.”

“There is a fear of victim shaming and stigma attached to the victim or survivors I would say. I know if there is one person and if I know that the person who has done that to me and there are five others who would agree with me that they have gone through it. If I stand up they will all run away. They will not stand by me. The stakes are higher here. We don’t have the benefits the actresses in other industries have,” the actress said.

In a recent interview with a Malayalam radio show, Parvathy had said: “There are people in the industry who ask women to sleep with them in order to get a role. I have been asked. They ask very blatantly as if it is their right. I have said NO. After a point, when you have made a mark in the industry, they won’t ask you.”

On whether the casting couch afflicts the Malayalam film industry, she said: “Of course, there is casting couch in the Malayalam industry. I’m sure that you know that and I know a lot of people know that. I don’t understand why it comes as a surprise at all. It is there in many other industries also. It’s a reality, why are we even shocked about it?”

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