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Simran is one of the most sought-after actresses in the Tamil industry, she has a natural knack for selecting roles that bring out the best performer. Her roles, over the years, have remained iconic, whether it is Indira from Kannathil Muthamittal or Mythili from Panchathanthiram. She has perfected every role she has taken up and still reigns the hearts of her fans and followers:



Pammal K Sambandam

Pammal K. Sambandam is a comedy-drama directed by Moulee, starring Kamal Haasan, Simran, Abbas, and Sneha is a story of how Dr. G. Janaki tries to rectify a major mistake she makes while performing surgery on Pammal K. Sambandam. Simran as Dr. G. Janaki is a combination of hilarious and bold. Dr. G. Janaki’s characterization is bold, strong, and career-oriented, one who isn’t afraid to speak her mind but also someone who is equally vulnerable only to the ones she loves and trusts. Janaki is also a friend who doesn’t support one’s delusions and gives them a reality check when needed. Her character arc goes from hating Pammal K. Sambandam or romantic relationships in general to falling for him and becoming one of the hopeless romantics is something every woman could relate to. In short, Dr. G. Janaki is one of the remarkable and relatable characters of Simran.



Vijay, the son of a wealthy man, agrees to an arranged marriage with his father’s personal assistant, Priya, on the condition that he will only stay married for a year. Priya’s characterization goes from being a loving and caring woman to a bold, independent, and selfless woman who would go above and beyond for the people she loves. Initially, Priya disagrees with the one-year marriage contract but since she has a family who is dependent on her, she agrees and steps into the marriage life with Vijay. By the end of the one year, Vijay decides to end the marriage leaving Priya devastated. Priya picks herself up after Vijay leaves her and continues to lead her life without needing a man’s help. Priya’s character is an inspiration to those who are let down by people multiple times and yet continue to pick themselves up and become better versions of themselves.



Vaalee, featuring Ajith in double action, Simran, Jyothika, and Vivek, is written and directed by S. J. Surya. The story revolves around Deva, who has hearing and speech impairment. Deva falls in love with his twin brother’s wife and tries to separate them to win her over. Simran as Priya in this film is a free-spirited young woman who has certain expectations of the man she wishes to marry. Priya’s characterization shifts before marrying Shiva and after marrying him and having to go through the emotional turmoil Deva puts her through is beautifully portrayed by Simran. Even today, Simran’s portrayal of Priya in Vaalee remains etched in the people’s hearts.


Thullatha Manamum Thullum

Thullatha Manamum Thullum is a romantic drama starring Vijay and Simran in the lead roles. The story revolves around Kutty who is in love with Rukmani, where an unfortunate incident brings them together but also puts their relationship in jeopardy. Rukmani is portrayed as a kind-hearted and innocent young woman with a strong sense of self-respect. She comes from a humble background and works as a salesgirl in a textile shop. Despite facing hardships in life, Rukmani maintains a positive outlook and believes in the power of love and goodness. Rukmani becomes vision impaired for a period of time during which Kutty helps her through. Her sudden vision impairment doesn’t stop her from moving forward with her life. With the help of Kutty, Rukmani gets her vision back and decides to become a collector and succeeds. Rukmani is one of the prime examples of never giving up no matter what life throws at you. Simran portrayed Rukmani’s character so beautifully that the audience still remembers it.



Mahaan, written and directed by Karthik Subburaj is an action thriller film starring Vikram, Simran, and Dhruv Vikram in the lead roles. The story is about Gandhi Mahaan, a commerce teacher who decides to rebel against his family’s expectations and lead his life differently at the age of 40. Simran as Nachi in this film might have a little screen time but her character created a huge impact on the character arc of Gandhi Mahaan, her husband, and Dadabhai Naoroji IPS, her son. Nachi played a huge role in Gandhi Mahaan’s decision to stop pretending and live his life the way he wanted to and Dadabhai’s decision to become a police officer to seek revenge for what his dad did to him and his mother.

Kannathil Muthamittal


Kannathil Muthamittal is ultimately Simran’s best work in her entire career. Directed by legendary Director Mani Ratnam, Kannathil Muthamittal is one of the finest evergreen classics that doesn’t fail to leave an impact no matter how many times you watch it. Even after 22 years after its release,the movie is still cherished and celebrated by the Tamil audience. The plot revolves around Amutha, a chirpy young girl who discovers that she is adopted. A very lost Amutha starts a journey to find her biological mother with the help of her adoptive parents, Thiruselvan (Madhavan) and Indira Thiruselvan. Indira Thiruselvan played by Simran holds a very crucial role in the movie. Indira is a newsreader and mother of 3. She is witty, smart, caring, audacious and always speaks her mind.  Simran effortlessly embodies the essence of a pining mother who wants the best for her daughter yet is afraid of losing her to her biological mother. Simran’s depiction of Amutha’s mother is so convincing that in certain scenes, she conjures viewers’ memories of their own mother. 


Simran’s Jodi is one of the most memorable romantic movies of Tamil cinema, the film was critically appreciated for its unique plotline and music score. The story revolves around a young couple Kannan (Prashanth) and Gayathri (Simran)  belonging to families that are deadset against the idea of love, the duo cooks a unique plan to get their family’s approval, How do they do it? & Will they succeed is what the rest of the movie is about. Simran’s character Gayathri is an ambitious Music student. She is Kind, playful, brave, and goes above and beyond for her Love. Simran’s memorable performance in the movie Climax was widely applauded. She delicately portrays the angst of a woman who is torn between her family and her love. 


Simran’s character, Mythili in Panchathanthiram stands as one of her Career’s iconic roles. Panchathanthiram is a classic comedy directed by K.S. Ravikumar. The film revolves around Ram (Kamal Haasan) and his 4 friends who try to help him move on as his wife, Mythili (Simran) has applied for a divorce. She is a quintessential South Indian wife with adorable quirks and amusing reactions, she sends everyone into fits of laughter. Mythili always shows up at the wrong place at the wrong time and ends up misinterpreting Ram’s act. Mythili is funny, flawed, independent, and endlessly dramatic. All the more reason to love her !

Vaaranam Aayiram

GVM’s Vaaranam Aayiram has redefined love, life, and family for many. Simran’s character in the movie, Malini, is the love interest of Krishnan (Suriya) and the mother of Suriya (Suriya). Krishnan and Malini together illustrate a healthy relationship that was alien to most of the Tamil Audience at the time of the movie’s release. Malini is soft, and graceful and exudes warmth and love. She also played a prominent role in shaping Suriya’s charcater as a man who upholds chilvarly, respects women and embraces his feminine side.


Petta marks Simran’s first project with Superstar Rajinikanth. Petta revolves around Kaali (Rajnikanth) a newly appointed Boys Hostel warden on a mission to protect his late best friend’s son, Anwar. Simran plays the role of Mangalam. Mangalam is a pranic healer and a single mother taking a second chance at love. Even with a little screen time, Mangalam’s character manages to captivate the audience with her amiable presence. Simran carries the same charm in Petta that she had in the 90’s. Even after 29 years in the industry,her energy is truly unmatched and unparalleled.

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