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The Relationship The Audience Share With Bigg Boss Julie Is Similar To My Story Line: AR Murugadoss!

Talks about his next film and much more.

A. R .Murugadoss is all set to entertain us very soon with his new bilingual film starring Telugu Superstar Mahesh Babu. In a recent Interview with The Times of India, the director spoke about many things from how he wants to tell a story and not preach to Bigg Boss contestant Julie.

“The film is inspired by a series of events that happened during the Chennai Floods back in 2015”, says the director. People, who did not want to share their food the first day, started distributing it to anyone they spot in the next few days. The director said he was confused with the people as to when they chose to show their empathy and when they chose to ignore.

This is where he brings up Bigg Boss contestant Julie, whom we, the audience chose to celebrate when she voiced out for Jallikattu but failed to accept her for whoever she was.

This extreme choice of decision is what his film is about, however, the director says he is not here to preach the message but just leave it there in his story and says, “Those who look for it will feel it”.

The Interview also gave us an interesting insight as to why there are not many female oriented movies made in the current scenario while people chose to watch Vijayshanthi fight men years back.

Though actresses want to do roles that can keep them in the lead, people no longer go to the theater to watch these movies, we are ready to spend Rs. 150 (  Yes, I included the GST) for Naanum Rowdy Thaan and praise Nayanthara, but not many choose to watch her Maya. Another reason the director explains is that most heroines want to make much at first and not big. They want to establish themselves before trying out as the lead. This explains why actresses like Jyothika and Sridevi, who mostly played the hero’s love before are now ready to venture into stories that focus on them.

He concludes, “It is necessary that we make heroine-centric films. When that begins to happen, there is even a chance for those films to be more creative, because, by nature, women are more responsible; they will want to prove themselves.”


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