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The Curse Of A Woman Won’t Leave You: Former Bigg Boss Contestant Harathi Lashes Out At Aarav!


Yesterday’s episode did not go too well with the fans or the audience and clearly, that is because of Oviya’s situation with Aarav which was rather disturbing. She is in this situation because she hasn’t been treated right for a long time now. Just like Bharani, she is being cornered because the mates know the amount of audience support she garners. However, we have also seen a lot of difference in Aarav’s behavior with Oviya and while that still looks fishy to most of us, Bigg Boss’ eliminated contestant Harathi has tweeted something shocking after yesterday’s episode.

She said, “Irukku Indha Saturday kurumpadam irukku…AARAV in ‘Leelaigal’,’puthusukkaga palasai verukkumAambala Julie’, Pombala saabam summaa vidathu. (This Saturday I’m sure there’s a short film to expose Aarav’s behavior. He is the male version of Julie who has left the old one for the new one. The curse of woman won’t leave you.)”

By this, we are guessing the old one here is Oviya and the new one to be Raiza. This tweet has created some stir and we can only wait for Kamal Haasan to come this Saturday. Sources confirmed with Harathi, if it is her official Twitter page and if she had posted this above-stated tweet. Harathi confirmed it saying it was her official page.

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