Tharshan’s Eviction Shocked Me The Most: Sherin Talks About Her Life In The Bigg Boss House!

Sherin talks about being a survivor in the house!

Sherin and Tharshan’s chemistry was most loved by the fans. The two seem to have been always been there for one another but after Tharshan’s eviction, more than the fans Sherin was more devastated. In a recent interview with Chennai Times, she talked about her life inside the Bigg Boss House, Vanitha blaming her for Tharshan’s eviction and well, Tharshan himself and her equation with him:

Inside the Bigg Boss House:

“It was a roller-coaster of emotions. There are times when you feel intensely lonely. And then, the very next hour, you feel extremely crowded as well. Logical thinking kept me going. For almost 10 weeks, I was not nominated at all, but then, later, I was like, ‘Why don’t you guys nominate me?’”



Her friendship with Tharshan:

“I can be very subtle at times and it took time for the audiences to get to know me. The fact that I did not get nominated for all those weeks is what made them connect with me,” she points out. One such breaking point was when Vanitha labelled her friendship with Tharshan an ‘affair’. The accusation was absolutely uncalled for, Sherin says. “There was no need to give labels to our relationship,” she continues, “Whatever it was, it was at that moment and it is something I will treasure forever. Calling it an affair was definitely maligning it. I am glad I stood up to her. We spoke about it and decided to move on and we are heading in that direction”

Tharshan’s eviction:

“I was definitely suffering from survivor guilt at that time. Whether I saw myself in the finals or not, I definitely saw Tharshan winning this. That is what I always hoped for. But when he was evicted, it came as a shock to me. Losing Tharshan at that stage was very unexpected. I don’t have that power where I can have someone evicted or stay back. If I did, I would totally aim at winning the trophy. We all started forging a bond, as and when time progressed. Losliya and I had our ups and downs, but towards the end, we shared a nice bond. People are very quick to react in the house and that is what the house does to you. It is easy to tunnel vision in the house because there is literally no other distraction in the house. I also realised that there was a lot of patience in me than I give myself credit for.”


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