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Thank You, Trisha For Talking About Sex Education!

What a lovely gesture!

There would have already been a number of people who would have judged her for the headlines. However, what Trisha spoke about is one of the most important issues destroying our Nation. Yes, periods, sex, sanitary napkins and basically, sex education. Unfortunately, that still remains a tabboo nobody wishes to talk about.

Trisha has always been someone who has worked hard with various NGOs including PETA. Apart from being one of the most wanted and busiest actresses, Trisha always makes sure to give her time for helping her fellow humans and animals. The latest feather in her cap is that Trisha is the latest UNICEF celebrity advocate for Child Rights. She is also the first celebrity from South India to have been chosen for the same.

Speaking at the arena, Trisha talked about the importance of sex education and how it needs to be implied in schools everywehere.

“It’s still a taboo to talk about periods and puberty. Yes, sex education should be inculcated right from school. It’s all about awareness and once they understand, things will change. I feel parents should also talk to their children about it.”

Thank you, Trisha for addressing what’s extremely important yet neglected.

Admitting films do influence people, the actress said, “I do agree that, sometimes, cinema has an impact on individuals. But one should know that it’s not reality and only a fantasy. That’s where the part of education comes — one can rationalise things and view cinema as an entertainment.”

she further talked about the necessity of enjancing extra-curricular activities in every school. “I feel activities like sports, playing piano, music, dramatics and a library is a must in every school. I learnt dramatics at school, which gave me confidence later when I joined films”, she concluded.

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