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Thalaivar’s Inspiring Speech!

He also unveiled an MGR statue!

After announcing in December about his political entry in December, Superstar Rajinikanth gave his first political speech yesterday at Dr MGR Educational and Research Institue amongst a big students crowd. He also later unveiled a statue of MGR saying, “MGR brought power and free noon meal scheme to schools. I first met MGR in 1973. Later, I met in 1975 on the sets. Last time I could not unveil an MGR statue but this time he was firm. I wanted to avoid speaking politics. But I shall speak some politics.”

He also added, “Using technology and good advisers and talented people I can deliver good governance. They ask why I didn’t enter when Jayalalithaa was ruling.Am I afraid? I don’t have to recollect what happened in 1996. Not everyone can be MGR. Yes, none can become MGR. When there were two strong leaders, Jayalalithaa and Karunanidhi, there was no vacuum. People ask if I am coming to politics now because there is a vacuum. Yes, there is a vacuum. There is a vacuum for good leaders and leadership. There were two great leaders – Jayalalithaa and M. Karunanidhi (who is inactive on account of his old age). Tamil Nadu needs a leader, a leadership. I am coming to fill that vacuum,” he said.

Talking about critics he said, “I don’t expect a red carpet welcome. But why mock and discourage? Politics is strewn with thorns and snakes,” said Rajinikanth

He also went on to emphasize the importance of English and learning the language to progress. He said, “Speak English amongst yourself. You may be from a village but English is the language to make it in our Global Village, the world!” he said to thunderous applause!


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