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Techie attempts to electrocute wife over birth of Girl Child!

The incident happened at a village in Andhra!

Kannuru, Saturday: A software engineer attempted to kill his wife by electrocuting her, for birthing a female child and not meeting his dowry demands. The victim survived and Mr.S Rajaratnam has been identified right after and arrested immediately.


Prashanthi the victim/wife has lodged a complaint. She wrote, “My husband tied a wire to my hand and tried to give a shock while I was asleep. When I resisted it, he abused me and left home,” The New Indian Express reported.

According to police, Rajaratnam and his parents have been harassing Prashanti for almost two years demanding additional dowry, ever since she gave birth to a girl.

In the complaint, Prashanti’s parents wrote, “There are several injury marks on her face, neck, and hands. Since the birth of the baby girl, Rajaratnam has been harassing her physically and mentally demanding money.”

A case has been registered under section 498 A (domestic violence) and police have arrested both Rajaratnam and his parents.

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