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Taapsee Opens Up How She Prepared For Her Powerful Role In PINK!

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When you speak with Taapsee, you get to know one thing about her instantly – she doesn’t mince words. She calls a spade a spade and no one would’ve been more befitting to play the role ‘MinalArora’ in Pink. She is just as fierce and indomitable in real life.

Pink addresses some very important issues at hand like gender stereotypes. Do you ever recall being treated unfair just because you are a woman?

I think, all women, from the time we are born, have been through numerous such situations, so much so that now we are used to it and they have become a part of our lives. We have stopped even reacting to them now.  Things like a girl is supposed to sit crossed leg or a girl should play lighter sports and not something more aggressive like football or cricket have been conditioned and are put into our heads. As children, gender roles have been defined for us as we saw our moms being a certain way and our dads being a certain way.  So, one grows up thinking this is what the future is going to be like. So the girls are forced to think that when they grow up they are going to become mothers. A lot of our families still have mothers as housewives, my mother is a housewife! She has always taken care of the house, while there’s nothing wrong with that, the gender roles are set in our minds; mothers will be homemakers and fathers will be breadwinners.  When we grow up, we hear things about how female drivers are lousy even though most accidents are caused by men and at work place if a woman gets a hike, it is because she is a woman but not because of her talent. With jobs, there is a huge pay disparity between a man and a woman and my career is the biggest example. An actor who has done half the films or even lesser than what I have done gets paid more than me. They say that the market is defined by a hero, but who makes such rules? Men right?

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