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T Rajendar Insults ‘Kabali’ Actress Dhansika; Makes Her Cry In Front Of Camera!


The ‘Kabali’ fame actress Dhansika is currently doing a film of which actor T Rajendar is a part. Apart from talking about how multi-talented he is and is super self-obsessed, he went too far while promotions of his movie with dhansika and insults her onstage.

At a press meet for Vizhithiru, an upcoming thriller film starring Sai Dhansika, Krishna Kulasekaran, Venkat Prabhu and others, TR took it too far.

Speaking about her experience of acting in the film, Dhansika thanked a few people who’d worked on it but left out T Rajendar. T Rajendar has reportedly performed a dance in the film.

This triggered TR to immediately launch an attack on Dhansika who was completely taken aback by the reaction.

Ranting that she’d acted in Vizhithiru before Kabali and suggesting that she’d forgotten TR because she’d worked in a Rajinikanth film, the man went ballistic.

Dhansika tried to interject and issue an apology, noting that she had been nervous and that she had not left his name out deliberately. TR, however, was unstoppable. When the actor said she was sorry, he made a distasteful joke out of it by saying, “You haven’t come dressed in a saree and you are saying sorry.”

Dhansika added that she had great respect for TR but he asked where he could go and sell her respect. He then lectured her on “medai nagareegam” or how to conduct oneself onstage while completely missing the fact that his behaviour was uncouth and extremely disrespectful.

Throughout the time he spoke, he addressed Dhansika as “Nee” instead of the respectful “Neenga” and also ordered her around to sit when she attempted to speak.

Sadly, none of the others onstage – all of them men – intervened. In fact, they were seen clapping and laughing for TR’s tirade. By the end of the meet, TR claimed that he’d spoken for so long and in that way because only then the media would give the film some attention by highlighting the fact that he’d gone after Dhansika.

Although Dhansika attempted to smile for this explanation, she looked clearly rattled and was reduced to tears by the end of the meet.


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