Suriya addresses the VJs issue!

Suriya’s Tweet officially confirms it!

after a video of two VJs had allegedly insulted actor Suriya on their show Franka Sollata airing on Sun TV, fans of the actor gathered around Sun TV office to protest against the channel. The VJs had talked about Suriya’s upcoming movie with K V Anand and since Amitabh Bachchan was said to be making a guest role in the same the VJs had said the scenes would then have to be shot with both of them sitting down implying that Suriya was short in stature. The video clip of the two VJs Niveditha and Sangeetha had gone viral and created an uproar for the actor fans all over social media. Speaking on the issue, actor Suriya sent out a tweet that goes like this:


“Please use your time and energy for productive purposes. Let society benefit,” he said. Suriya used the hashtag #AnbaanaFans, clearly addressing his fans through the message.


Other stars have shared the viral clip and expressed their concern over the issue. It can be appreciated that stars are speaking up against body shaming but it should also be noted that there were several vicious and violent comments against the two women VJs on this whole issue. Suriya has been praised for his quick and responsive reaction.

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