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Turn the Pages Back to a Younger Summer

Gazala Amreen brings to you a list of five authors that are sure to take you back in time. Authors who will help you reminisce your summers as adolescents, and authors who will remain as must-reads for young and budding bibliophiles.

May brings with it that time of the year when summer makes its presence felt, forcing everyone indoors. I, for ,one have failed to outgrow the cravings for “summer holidays”. Yes, that time of the year when we as school-goers got to spend days doing what we loved!

While being outdoors and going on vacation is the traditional summer routine, reading was and will remain a great way to spend time indoors without sweating it out in the sweltering heat. Here is a list of five authors who, with their stunning writing skills are sure to cause nostalgia, transporting booklovers back to some good old times:

  1. RK Narayan

He is a legend for all the right reasons. He has been loved by both young readers and much older audience for his sheer simplicity and brilliance. Be it Malgudi Days, where he takes us through the simple lives of people living in this fictional town, or more detailed accounts like The Guide, Swami and Friends etc, his writing encases a distinct appeal to its readers, transporting them to these fine times and places. He is one Indian Author who has successfully captured the idyllic life in a manner that will leave you awed and touched.

  1. Ruskin Bond

Just the name of the Author is sure to transport you to the hills and the beautiful setting in the Himalayas. Ruskin Bond is yet another author who will take you on an incredible literary journey back to a time when simplicity was the jewel. While the world around you might be experiencing a serious rise in temperatures, dive into his books to escape to the cool and lush countryside that is as good as travelling there. While The Room on the Roof is probably his best one, there are many others by this very lovable author that you can explore.

  1. Enid Blyton

No list talking about books that we read during adolescence and our much younger days would be complete without the mention of Blyton. One could be young enough to read Noddy or slightly older to escape on an adventure with The Famous Five; Enid Blyton has something for every age group and for every palette.

One of the best summer reads of Enid is Galliano’s Circus series. It’s the story of a young homeschooled boy named Jimmy who joins the circus and meets trapeze artists, clowns, horse riders and so on. The series is full of colourful characters, enthralling adventures and cute animals; this will keep you on your toes all summer for sure!

  1. Agatha Christie

If you are the one who enjoys thrillers, Christie might already be on your radar. While some of us have explored her writing in our younger days, a tryst with her work continues and is an adventure lasting a lifetime. From cases by Poirot, to the lovable Miss. Marple- she will keep you engaged through every summer for the rest of your life. A lot of her work has been made into television series and movies. The latest to join the wagon is the thriller Murder on the Orient Express that garnered a lot of praise amongst movie buffs and Christie lovers.

  1. JK Rowling

If you are a 90s kid, you were surely smitten by the Pottermania! Rowling’s most loved literary work, Harry Potter has a fan following of all ages. It is said that it is never too late to explore the magical Hogwarts and be a part of the most loved story of these times. If you haven’t read this series, it is never too late to pick it up and if you are looking for something for your child’s reading list, look no more. Become a part of this fandom now!

This is surely a tip of the iceberg, for there are so many amazing books that make our childhood what it was! However, we hope to have set the ball rolling and that you will walk down this lane of nostalgia to revisit the books that you once loved.

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