Suhasini Manirathnam Shares Her ‘Viral ‘ Wedding Pictures !

The actress is completely surprised by how quickly her video is going viral!

Actress Suhasini shares a post on Instagram of her wedding pictures. The renowned actress and director Suhasini posted a few beautiful photos from her wedding with her husband and prominent director Manirathnam. To her surprise, the pictures went viral within no time, garnering a lot of attention from fans and followers. Suhasini expressed her surprise at how anything and everything gets viral on social media and wondered at this sudden surge of interest in her wedding photos and wondered if this unexpected attention could be seen as a positive effect.

Suhasini and Mani Ratnam are undoubtedly one of the most remarkable couples of all time. The iconic director met Suhasini Hasan when he was just starting his career at the age of 33. She was already a well-established actress at the top of her profession. 


Suhasini once shared that when Mani Ratnam first proposed the idea of a relationship, she turned him down. She made it clear to him that she was a traditional girl and was only interested in marriage, not casual relationships. Despite this initial rejection, they eventually tied the knot in 1988 and have a son named Nandan Mani Ratnam. Their love story is a testament to the power of persistence and the belief that true love prevails.

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